Who Benefits The Most From Lab Grown Diamonds?

If you’ve ever tried to buy an engagement ring, you know how expensive they can be. Lab grown diamonds offer the same fire and sparkle as natural diamonds, but without all the high prices that come with buying them in stores. Of course, not everyone benefits from this type of diamond the same way. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not lab grown diamonds right for you.

Diamond Miners

Traditional diamond miners and their families around the world stand to benefit from lab-grown diamond sales, but so do man-made diamond manufacturers. While traditional diamond mining usually limited to areas of stable earth that show promise for a profitable return, lab-grown diamonds have no such limitations; they can be created in places like clean rooms in labs around the world. As a result, many lab-created diamond manufacturers based in countries with strict environmental regulations while still supporting communities with high unemployment rates—which means more people benefit. Lab-grown diamonds support local economies and farmers while also creating an alternative source of income for underdeveloped nations. That makes lab grown diamonds a great investment tool for both consumers and business owners alike.

Lab Workers

Lab-grown diamonds created in a special laboratory—which means they not mined, but rather manufactured. Because lab-grown stones don’t require digging up and destroying large amounts of natural resources, manufacturers say they’re more eco-friendly than regular diamonds. However, some people disagree about how ethical it  to create artificial versions of a natural resource. Then there workers in diamond mines who claim that lab created diamonds displace them, with jobs going to those in labs instead of people who find or sell real stones. And naturally, there’s also an argument over who benefits most from lab-grown gems: The consumers who buy and wear them or the manufacturers themselves.

That said, many lab-created diamonds look identical to natural ones. Consumers a hard time telling them apart when buying rings online. For example, if you’re considering purchasing lab grown diamonds for your engagement ring, you might wonder if you’re getting something fake or if it’s real (even though labs can assure you that what you’re buying genuine). Many labs go so far as to offer certifications to ensure their customers get exactly what they paid for—not just aesthetically pleasing rocks. All things considered, lab-grown diamonds could benefit everyone involved in the process; both producers and consumers alike.

Diamond Buyers

How lab grown diamonds priced? Consumers have been asking about lab-grown diamond prices for some time now. But, is it true that lab-grown diamond prices differ significantly depending on how you purchase them? That question was answered with a resounding yes in a recent study by Bain & Company. With Diamond Foundry’s lab-grown diamond price transparency guaranteed, customers can be sure they’re getting an incredible value every time they buy. And because we offer such low lab-grown diamond prices, even buyers who previously avoided lab-grown diamonds due to high costs can start buying without hesitation. Lab-grown diamonds not just cheaper; they’re also better quality than mined diamonds—and our wide selection means there’s a size and shape to fit any budget or style preference. It all adds up to one thing: more people have access to lab diamonds than ever before. And when everyone has access to amazing jewelry, everyone wins!

The Bottom Line

So, as you can see, lab diamonds don’t only benefit their manufacturers, they also help consumers. With lower costs and extra quality control measures in place to ensure that customers receive what they paid for, it makes sense that many still turning to lab created diamonds over mined products. While we’re not suggesting you cut out real diamonds altogether (they do have some unique properties which cannot be recreated at a large scale), there’s no doubt that synthetics are becoming increasingly popular.

Consider picking up a pair of lab-grown stud earrings or choosing a stone for your next ring made in a factory instead of underground—you may just save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars along with an awful lot of potential stress. If you’d like more information on how lab diamonds stack up against natural stones, visit our Lab Grown Diamond page! If you want to know more about us or our process, check out our About Us page! We hope you found today’s post helpful. Thanks for reading and happy lab growing!

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