What to put on your office table to suit the culture?

You know you love your job, and you’re looking forward to being there for the long haul, but what else can you buy on your office table singapore to suit the culture? While this is a great question, and one that we can’t really answer with confidence at this moment, it does bring up an important point: your culture might not be as universal as you think. erve.com recently visited 20 different workplaces in six different countries to find out how their cultures compared. While some of our readers might consider themselves globalists or globalizers, many of them were actually just trying to fit in and embrace their regional counterparts’ unique ways of living and eating. Here are a few of our favorite office tips from around the world that you might consider incorporating into your own work environment:

Use the Lobby as a Work Office

Why is it so important to use the work office as your primary workspace? This can seem contradictory, but you must definitely think about it this way. When you’re in the mood to do something, put your best foot forward. If you spend the majority of your day at a desk, you’re probably not going to be able to do the important things that you need to do. So, put your best foot forward in the work office. Put a pile of papers, correspondence, and other files on the computer desk, and take your laptop with you when you leave the work office. Set up a free breakfast & lunch room if you’re at a company that serves lunch. This will help you feel more integrated into the work environment, and allow you to clear your mind and take better care of yourself. Have a tea party at least once a month. This is an annual tradition at my office, and I always look forward to having it. Have it at my age! So, so good!

Set Up a Free Breakfast & Lunch Room

We love that Nescafe coffee is available in Singapore, but how do you make your work breakfast & lunch room look the part? We’ve got the best ideas on how you can create a great breakfast/lunch room at work—and we can guarantee you that it will be nothing short of amazing. This is one article that we’ve written ourselves—so, we know it’s a good starting point. If you’re at a company that gives you breakfast/lunches every day, try serving your employees a few courses instead. We always enjoy making breakfast at our office, because we can take a break from our desks and enjoy our favorite foods. You can make scrambled eggs, frittata, cornbread, or oatmeal for your customers. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is—anytime is fine. Just make sure that the dishes are big enough to hold, and the space is big enough to hold them. If you’re in a rush, you can always take the eggs to the processing plant or the bakery and make them into sandwiches or Croque monsieur.

Have a Tea party at least once a month

We love that Cinnabar and ginger are available in Singapore, but do you have a drink or two on your office table to show your company’s support for increased diversity? We’d love to see a Cinnabar in our office, but we prefer that you have a ginger beverage on the house. You can have ginger or black tea party or even a decanter of both kinds. We make the perfect celebratory drink, and this is one of our favorite ways to show your company’s support for diversity.

Dress for Work

We love that there are a variety of styles to wear in our office, and you can choose from a plethora of fabrics and patterns. We don’t usually wear tiered or cravat tiers in our office, but we love how this piece can show your company’s support for diversity. Also, we love that there are many choices when it comes to suits.

Do the Most Important thing first

We love that you have an online presence, and you can showcase your work product through a variety of channels. You may have a website that you’ve been integrating your workspace into an online presence that can help you create a more professional and engaging work environment. You can also incorporate social media into your workspace, like with your LinkedIn account, Twitter account, Google Plus account, and more.


Your workspace should feel like a second home. It should be your safe space, your retreat, and your haven. And your workspace should reflect that.

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