What to do when Norton antivirus stops working?

What to do when Norton antivirus stops working?

Norton is a popular antivirus software and is best known for its data security tools. If you store your crucial information on your devices like PCs, laptops, or phones; you need a good security program. Norton antivirus tools increase device security and reduce data corruption and theft issues. If your Norton antivirus shows any issues, fix them immediately. Norton errors can cause harm to your data security.

Common causes behind Norton antivirus not working

  1. Norton is not installed correctly
  2. You are installing an incompatible Norton setup
  3. Norton antivirus is outdated
  4. Some Norton registry files are not working
  5. Junk files are interrupting Norton
  6. You have another program on the device

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus, not working issues

Restart your PC

If your Norton antivirus has stopped working unexpectedly, restart your device. The error can occur when your Norton antivirus gets into any runtime error. The runtime error can be fixed by restarting the device. On PC, close all the running programs and restart it. Now reopen your Norton antivirus dashboard and scan your computer.

Check the Norton setup

When you are facing issues in Norton installation then check for the setup requirements. Sometimes users purchase the wrong Norton setup mistakenly. Norton plans are available for certain gadgets. However, you have to install a compatible Norton setup on the device. Go to the Norton setup and check for its resource requirements. Now open the PC and check its specifications. If the Norton setup is not compatible you can’t install it. Cancel Norton subscription and check for the refund option. Now get a compatible Norton setup for the device. You can also get the error when the Norton setup is not downloaded correctly. This problem appears when you are downloading the setup on a poor internet connection. If the Norton setup is not downloaded correctly, it won’t install on your computer.

Check for another antivirus program

Norton antivirus will stop running if you are using another antivirus on the device. Don’t use multiple antivirus programs on the system. It won’t improve the security and can cause errors. When malware appears, both programs start conflicting with each other. You should remove another antivirus from the system. Open the Apps folder and now check for all the installed security programs. Except for Norton, uninstall all other apps. Don’t keep any security setup even if they are expired. After removing those apps, restart the computer and now you can run your Norton program. 

Check the registry files

When the registry files on your Norton setup are corrupted, it won’t find the correct path. You have to repair the Norton registry files of your device. But repairing these registry files manually is difficult. You should get help to repair these files. To repair those files, use the Regedit tool. Run this utility function and the registry editor will open. Start looking for Norton-related files. Copy the corrupted Norton registry files and save them with the .reg extension. Now repair those damaged files and restart the computer. Once the registry files start working, your Norton will scan the device easily.

Update your Norton antivirus

Norton has a LiveUpdate feature that auto-updates the Norton setup whenever the update is available. But sometimes the Norton LiveUpdate can stop working. This can occur due to any runtime error or when the hard disk space is very low. You should check your Norton antivirus for the new update. If available, install the latest Norton update on your computer. Now your LiveUpdate will also start working. Also, check for the OS update on the device. Open the Update & Security tab of your device and install the latest update.

Remove conflicting program

If your Norton is showing errors after installing a new program then remove it. You will get Norton issues if you have installed a malicious program on the device. Most users experience this error when they have installed any third-party programs like free games or editing programs. These types of programs often carry malware. To fix the Norton program, you should uninstall those programs. Open the Apps folder and uninstall the recently installed third-party programs. Restart the device to apply changes and now run a scan with your Norton antivirus.

Delete system junk

Your device accumulates the junk with time. These files are usually harmless but can acquire free space and can corrupt certain processes. You should remove the junk from the device often. Temp files often conflict with antivirus programs. Open the temp folder and delete all files. To remove other junk from the system, you can use the clean manager tool. Windows provide this inbuilt tool to check and delete the system junk. Run the cleanmgr tool and you will see a list of junk items. Choose the items to delete and then restart the computer. Click on the Norton icon and tap the scan of your whole device. 

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