Trending Barware Essentials for your in-Built Home Bar

The 21st century has bought with it a wave of advancement, pushing us to live a better lifestyle and enhance the styling of our homes. Fancy furniture, linen, decor, and crockery – what was once a factor of awe have now become commonplace and dominate the aesthetics of any household. For those looking to stand a class apart, it can get quite tricky. But there’s one element that is yet to catch on and can be a stand-out feature in your home – an in-built home bar. The days are long gone when a bar used to be a prohibited section in the house kept hidden away in backrooms or basements. Now, bar units have become an eye-catching addition for interior designers, architects, and homeowners looking to add a flavor of fun to their aesthetic. These units provide an additional layer of luxury, comfort, and convenience for enjoying your favorite scotch and homemade cocktails on a pleasant evening. 

But a built-in bar is more than just a prized collection of liquor because it needs the right accessories to complete it. Let us take a look at some of the most trending barware essentials for your in-built home bar:

  1. Glasses

There are over 30 types of suggested glassware associated with the setup of the bar units but the most important ones to start with are the Martini, Shot, Champagne, Tall Cocktail, and Wine glasses. Then there is another category like rock glasses, coupe glasses, and Collins glasses. Rock glasses are ideal when for muddling and mixing drinks. Coupe glasses do not need ice for the drink. You can simply strain the drink in the glass so that the liquid rests below the rim. Collins glasses are best suited if you plan to drink a lot. Invest in a variety of glasses to give your mini-bar a sparkling, ‘glassy’ appeal.

Our pick:

  • Kikkerland Bartending Glasses Set of 4
  • Vinbouquet Whisky Set Clear
  • Core 5 Pieces Paddleboard & Shot Glasses Set Black
  • Shakers

 Show your bartending skills without the threat of breakage, or spillage with the elegant shakers which come in different sizes and capacities starting from 14oz

Our pick:

  • Oggi Dial a Drink 15 Recipe Shaker
  • Kikkerland Mix Master Cocktail Shaker
  • Ice bucket or wine cooler

Imagine you are throwing a party and now the people at your home suddenly want to chill in your lawn instead of indoors. Since it is a pleasant day outside anyways, you can’t say no! It will be such a bummer if your drinks get warm. This is where an ice bucket or wine cooler comes in handy. No more running to your refrigerator for the next round of your drinks. Add the insulated ice buckets to your collection that not just serves its purpose for ice storage but also adds to the beauty of your bar counter.

Our pick:

Viners Barware 1.5 Liter Gold Double Wall Ice Bucket

  • Strainers

Might sound surprising but these strainers are one of the most important elements of your barware set which facilitate 99% of cocktail recipes and ensure all non-required elements used while preparing your recipe are separated from the final drink 

Our pick:

·        Viners Barware Cocktail Strainer

  • Straws

With the growing sustainability requirements of the modern world, stainless steel barware or silicone straws are the way to go. These are not just sustainable but multiply the beauty of your tall cocktail glasses and provide ease in sipping right up to the bottom contents of the drink

Our pick:

  • Core 20 Pieces Cocktail Straws with 4 Cleaners Set
  • Viners Barware Long Steel Drinking Straws Set Of 6
  • Flasks

We might turn as modern as we can but the classics will always carry their weight. The charm of carrying your drinks on the go in the shiny, sleek, strong and durable flasks will never run out.

Our pick:

·Vinbouquet Flask With Funnel

  • Homesmiths Hip Flask with accessories
  • Bottle openers and stoppers

With the wide variety of liquor, collections come a wide variety of tools required to open them. You would not want to embarrass yourself by using inappropriate tools and hence having a flat bottle opener, corkscrew, and Viner stopper are equally important.

Our pick:

  • Tramontina Corkscrew Utilita
  • Evriholder EZ Open Corkscrew
  • Core Silicone Bottle Stopper Bucket Assorted 1 Piece

  • Whiskey Stones

Tired of complaints on dilution of your scotch due to ice cubes? Worry no more. These whiskey stones don’t just look super cool but also keep your scotch on the rocks with zero percent dilution. There are stainless steel and granite variants of whiskey stones available!

Our pick:

  • Amerigo Exclusive Whiskey Stones
  • Bar spoon:

Bar spoons are very different from regular spoons. Regular spoons used in drinks can damage the bar glasses while stirring.  Also, regular spoons come with wide mouth and hampers the consistency of drink whereas bar spoons with long handles helps create circular motions around mixing glass. This way the ice is diluted perfectly and the drink’s consistency is significantly improved.

Our pick:

·Viners Barware Cocktail Mixing Spoon

  1. Muddlers and juicers:

During summers, people prefer cocktails. To extract juices from fruits, muddlers comes in handy. The muddlers comes with ‘no-slip’ grip and makes extracting juices easy and smooth.

Our pick:

  • Hiware 10 Inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler and Mixing Spoon Home Bar Tool Set

Use of your traditional crockery while making drinks is long gone thanks to the availability of such trending barware set online these days. If you’re looking for a place to start, you can find some great barware essentials here! Why wait any further? t’s time to add a uber-cool fancy bar unit at home by investing in the right barware.

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