Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Upgrading to LED Corn Bulbs

You really don’t have to try very hard to find online testimonials about and literature on the advantages of LED retrofits like LED corn bulbs.

LED corn bulbs, which are typically used to replace HID light bulbs, offer a wide range of benefits to those that invest in them.

For instance, LED corn bulbs are much more energy-efficient than the HID lights they replace and keep energy costs down. They’re much longer-lasting, so they need to be replaced less frequently, and they’re typically very physically durable and shatter-resistant. They also offer a wide range of color temperatures and are as bright, if not brighter, than the HID bulbs they replace.

There are volumes of data on the above. But what about the lesser-known benefits of LED corn bulbs, as compared to HID bulbs? Let’s take a closer look at some of these.

The Greener Option (LEDs Are Typically Recyclable)
While it’s true that LEDs can be considered greener because they consume less electricity, that’s not what we mean here.

Traditional HID lamps, such as metal halide, mercury vapor, and low and high-pressure sodium lamps, contain toxic heavy metals. LEDs, by contrast, do not.

In fact, LEDs are typically made from plastic, metals like aluminum or steel, and semiconductor materials. They contain none of the above-mentioned toxic metals and oftentimes they are entirely recyclable, making it easier to dispose of them.

Immediate Startup (Great in Cold Conditions)
LED corn bulbs are a great alternative to HID lamps, especially in cold settings, because they have a near-instant start-up.

HID lamps take a while to warm up before they reach their full brightness. Some HID lamps can take as long as 15 minutes to warm up fully and achieve their full output, especially in cold conditions.

Compare this to corn cob lamps (and all LED light bulbs, really) and add in the fact that high-power corn lights can deliver the same amount of light (if not more) than HID lamps, and there’s another big advantage.

Keep Cooling Costs Down
It’s obvious that the lower energy consumption of LED corn bulbs can keep energy costs down – but did you know that LEDs can potentially lower cooling energy costs, too?

HID lamps consume a lot of electricity, and what’s more, they’re inefficient at converting that energy into light. As a result, many HID get very hot during operation.

In indoor settings, such as warehouses and bays, this can cause hikes in cooling cost expenses, especially during the summer.

However, LEDs consume less energy and are better at converting it into light, so they produce much less heat as a byproduct than the HID lamps they replace.

Where Can I Get LED Corn Bulbs to Replace HID Lamps?
Considering the fact that LED corn bulbs offer all of the benefits of HID lamps and then many more, it’s no wonder that facilities and building administrators are switching over to them in droves.

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