Should My Business Create Company Name Badges On-Site?

Company name badges are an absolute necessity in many environments today. They not only help brands establish a sense of belonging among their staff, but also provide increased opportunities for networking. More recently, company name badges have evolved to contain important information about the wearer that goes beyond their name and brand colors. They contain clear clues about the cardholder, such as preferred pronouns, languages spoken, and even QR codes that allow others to access additional information from their mobile devices.

Given the fast-paced nature of the modern business world, company name badges are sometimes subject to periodic change. Moreover, certain events often force companies to order pre-printed name tags with information that can be outdated by the time they receive their batch of freshly minted IDs.

This has pushed many companies to adopt onsite badge printing as a policy.

But, is onsite badge printing right for you?

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of adopting a more in-house approach to name tag printing.

On-Site Solutions Help You Track Attendance In Real-Time
This is especially important for event managers who depend on objective metrics and need to track attendance data and use this knowledge for future events. Many onsite company name badge printers provide managers with the tools to have reliable digital records of every guest, and track attendance in real-time.

It Allows You To Stay Always Up To Date
Outsourcing your name tag provision has its advantages. However, it does not give you enough flexibility to take care of latecomers. Usually, this means closing the registration process days before the event and having to hand out provisory and generic badges. Onsite printing allows you to keep your registration and onboarding processes open up to the eleventh hour and still provide everyone with a professionally designed ID badge. Moreover, if your attendees or onboarding staff want to make last-minute changes to the information contained in their name badges, you can issue updated badges right there and then.

As an added benefit, having the ability to print name tags on site is that it gives you more time to promote your event, generate interest, and attract a larger audience.

Speeds Up Onboarding And Check-In Processes
While it might sound counter-intuitive, pairing onsite badge printing with check-in or onboarding processes actually speeds things up. Think of it this way; when you order pre-printed name badges, they usually come in bulk that you then have to hand out individually in a process that usually involves attendees looking at you impatiently while you sift through stacks of names. Again, if something is amiss during the information input process, you can easily correct any issue in seconds and provide error-free name tags every time.

It is A Cost-Effective Solution
One of the main concerns event coordinators and business owners have is striking a balance between quality and cost. While an onsite badge printer might seem like a pricey expense, it actually helps reduce costs in the long run and is way more environmentally friendly by greatly reducing waste. ANd there are several reasons for this.

First, onsite badge printing turns name tag creation into a self-service option, eliminating the need for additional staff to handle registration and onboarding duties, like printing, sorting, and organizing badges ahead of time. Secondly, it ensures you only print badges or passes for those actually attending the required events so you no longer have to print pieces for every registrant, even for those who end up being a no-show.

What’s the Best ID Printer For My Business?
While there are many options and solutions out there, Imprint Plus is the one that offers incredibly versatile solutions for businesses and event planners. Their Smart-31 model can expertly print photo IDs, access control cards, membership IDs, and more with ease, taking less than 30 seconds to print dual-sided badges in both monochrome and full color. For more robust performance and added lamination options, Imprint Plus offers the Smart-51 card printer.

Both models are self-contained onsite badge printing units and follow the highest sustainability and energy efficiency standards. Visit their website or contact their friendly staff if you have any questions about their amazing ID printers.

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