Leveling Up Your Memory with Brain Training

If you intend to ‘equalize’ your memory, you have the option of doing so through a number of techniques.

One choice is to apply a few forms of mind training. And here is one strategy that stands above the rest…

‘Dual N-Back’ training is an exercise that involves looking at a sequence of letters or numbers and then identifying when there is a repetition. The ‘N’ here represents how many steps back you are looking and of course, this gets harder the more information you need to retain.

It is the only form of brain training that has been repeatedly supported by research as a means of increasing not only working memory, but also fluid intelligence and attention.

Working memory can therefore be a useful skill to develop alongside others and will aid in memory retrieval. But beyond a certain point dual-n-back will provide diminishing returns.

Using Nootropics

What can help is to use nootropics. One of the most popular nootropics for memory enhancement is Acetylcholine in particular.

It is one of the key excitatory neurotransmitters and has been shown in numerous studies to help form long-term memories, as is the case with nicotine and some other substances.

Finally, any nootropics that enhance neuroplasticity through BDNF or other factors may also improve long-term memory formation and long-term ability. These include the likes of tiger’s mane mushrooms and magnesium threonate.

Although the best “nootropic” for strengthening brain function? It’s deep sleep, which can help you store more memories and upgrade your focus

Focus and Attention

It is useful to consider the strong link between attention and memory in general. Of course, you need to pay attention to the stimulus in order to encode it as memory, and thus any nootropic that increases dopamine or other catecholamine neurotransmitters (serotonin, histamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine) will have an effect. Maybe. Perhaps the most interesting example of this is seen in examples of ‘flashbulb memories’.

These are surprisingly vivid memories we have of shocking events and often we can remember specific details about our surroundings and circumstances when we got married, when we got divorced or when we first met. Watched the 9/11 attacks on the news.

This may be partly due to increased practice of these important memories, but it’s also possible that we pay more attention to these moments due to increased dopamine and other chemicals.

Then training your focus and attention is a great way to improve your memory and your recall. To do this, you can practice meditation, or use the aforementioned dual-n-back. Discovery ways to create the remembrance more attractive and engaging can also help.

Memory Palace

The first-rate manner to enhance your long-term reminiscence storage is to enhance your potential to use the reminiscence you already have.

Memory Masters are individuals who compete to remember the order of a pack of cards and perform other memory feats. To accomplish this, they use a variety of techniques and mnemonics to improve their categorization and information retrieval.

Again, you need to think about context. You probably have no real need to memorize a pack of cards and will most likely benefit from learning more dynamic information, facts and skills.

One way to do this is with the ‘memory palace’ technique. It uses our strong visual memories to remember lists of items, important facts and more. Popularly depicted in the BBC series Sherlock, the technique involves photographing a real or imagined location and then visualizing specific gestures at specific locations around that imagined location.

It is related to the “Gourd Method” used by indigenous tribes and early humans for hundreds of years. This

The technique was used to help store large amounts of information within a culture before the printing press or the Internet.

This method is similar to using rooms or spaces within a building, but instead focuses on a particular path. Sages would memorize routes around their local area and then visualize those routes and make memories at specific landmarks along the way.

This technique is extremely useful because it takes advantage of the brain’s tendency to learn navigation – something that has far more survival value from a historical and evolutionary perspective than dry facts!

Chances are you can remember your route from home to work, so why not picture the route and have images in your mind’s eye along the way to help you remember things? This technique can be used to memorize and recite whole passages of text!

Spaced Learning

The reason it works so well is that it allows you to “hack” the brain’s learning mechanisms so that you’re practicing different facts and ideas that the brain has learned after a period of absence.

The best way to strengthen your memory though? Use all these different methods together. Learn to improve your attention and your working memory so that you become better at attending to the information you’re trying to learn.

Use nootropics to boost your brain health, and then use memory palaces and distance learning to help cement a variety of information.

What is the important lesson to be learned from this though? Stop trying to ‘improve memory’ across the board, stop trying to ‘boost IQ’ and stop worrying about focus. Instead, think about what

What cognitive skills you are trying to achieve and will benefit you.


Many people talk brazenly about having a ‘good’ or, more often, a ‘bad’ memory – as if it were a single thing, something very straightforward, a possession that you are lucky enough to have – Or not. But when you start thinking about memory, reviewing your own experiences, reading research, and experimenting with some new ideas, you realize that memory is pretty obvious. It may not be as simple as you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because it involves a variety of systems, a complex set of skills, a range of changing experiences.

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