Facebook Analytics Insights – A Beginner’s Guide

Let this be a reality: Facebook analytics will change your business practices.(followers on facebook)The ability to understand Facebook data is vital to any marketing plan.Today, I’ll explain the primary benefits that come with making use of Facebook analytics, which are the top Facebook analytics tools that can track your performance, and also what are the most crucial Facebook metrics.click here


  • Facebook analytics explained
  • 1. Find out the benefits of Facebook analytics
  • 2. Select the most effective Facebook analytics tools
  • 3. Key Facebook Analytics Metrics to Track

Facebook analytics explained

  • Learn the benefits of Facebook analytics
  • Select the most effective Facebook analytics tool
  • Important Facebook analytics metrics that you should track

1. Learn the benefits of Facebook analytics

With more than 2.9 billion active monthly people, Facebook remains a giant of social media platforms in the estimation of Statista.

Even if the free Facebook Analytics tool is no more available, from June 1, 2021, Facebook Analytics still provides different ways to gather valuable data.

Monitor Facebook analytics is vital for any business, regardless of the kind of marketing you choose to invest in.

Through a Facebook study, you’ll be able to gather crucial information that will assist you in improving your ROI by learning about what, how, and why users interact with your posts.

Monitoring the interaction of users with a company’s brand on Facebook can bring many benefits.read more

Below are a few most important benefits you’ll gain from Facebook analytics information:

Find out how you can reach more of your loyal customers

  • Improve conversions in the new markets.
  • Create targeted audiences by filtering audiences—through marketing campaigns or to increase the number of people you can reach.
  • Find out the behaviors that are driving retention
  • Identify audience drop-off
  • Capture your content
  • Increase conversions for your audience

These points are vital insights you’ll get from Facebook analytics. Based on these insights, you can refine your strategy for marketing on social media to make significant gains.

2. Pick the best Facebook analytics tools

Facebook Business Suite

In the wake of Facebook Analytics being removed, Facebook encouraged its business page admins to utilize Facebook Business Suite.

It’s a platform with multiple tools that allow marketers to control their Facebook and Instagram pages simultaneously and includes advertising, messaging schedulers, analytics, and scheduling.

However, let’s concentrate on The analytics of Facebook Business Suite’s tools. To use it, visit Insights. It’s an exclusive space for data related to your content and audience.

This Insights tool is divided into four essential dashboards:

  • Overview – one page summary of every one of your Facebook marketing metrics, including page views and page likes
  • Results show how far your site’s visibility has grown throughout the time of the week
  • Content is a way to see how well your posts did
  • Audience – it provides you with demographics of your existing and potential audience

Facebook Insights

This is a Facebook analytics dashboard accessible directly from your Facebook company page.

To access this, all you need to do is visit Insights using the panel located on the left side of the page.

By using Facebook Insights, you can observe the behavior of users on your business pages and the performance of posts.

It also gives you the basic Facebook metrics, such as page views, page likes, page views, reach for organic and paid posts, and information about your competition.


Remember this: Facebook Insights only allows you to access information from the last seven or 28 days.

Facebook Pixel

Who is the first person to visit your site via Facebook content?

Your Facebook Pixel will inform you of this. The Pixel will be placed on your landing page.

You’ll then see how your advertisements drive users to your site and what visitors do after they land on your website.

This is essential data:

You can measure visitor engagement.

  • You can evaluate the number of leads with the cost of ads on the page, so you’ll be able to see the cost of each lead.
  • You’ll be able to see which buttons users click on.
  • The Pixel will display the activity of your shopping cart.

You’ll be able to compare it.

You can see how an advert performs in comparison to another.

You’ll then make your choices based on the data.

You’ll discover what is adequate for your particular audience and be able to help them convert more.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is similar to Facebook Insights, except it offers more comprehensive data on videos, pages, and stories.

Through this app native to the device, you can take measurements:

  • Social media overall performance
  • Retention of the audience (gained against. loss of followers)
  • Videos”performance
  • Followers’ activities
  • Stories” performance
  • Earnings from tools for monetization

Furthermore, you can optimize your Facebook strategies by benchmarking and comparing your Facebook strategies against the top influencers, competitors, and players in your field.

This will help you save time and simplify your social media analytics.

  • Find all of the Facebook metrics on one dashboard.
  • Follow the posts directly to your study on Facebook
  • Know your Facebook’s reach and engagement
  • Develop Facebook benchmarks and then compare them to the best competitors
  • Learn to understand the video’s performance
  • Download templates for presentations and downloads them in the form of Excel, CSV, Powerpoint, or PDF
  • Import Facebook data into Google Data Studio

3. Key Facebook Analytics Metrics to Track

There are myriad ways that people can interact with brands online, such as visiting your website, watching a Live-streamed video, and clicking an advert.

In addition to keeping all of the Facebook analytics tools discussed above, marketers need to comprehend the motivations behind each of these actions.

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