Features Included in an Ideal Security Camera

Now that more and more people are concerned about keeping their homes safer by installing security features, they should surely strive for the best, considering the factors that allow them to avail such features. The ever-changing technology has come a long way towards providing advanced features for improved user experiences, the recent one being using remote technology to monitor all the security sensors around your home. For instance, one of the key features of the Xfinity home security service is the capability to keep an eye on all smart devices through the Xfinity app. This gives one confidence in the technology’s ability towards safer home experiences.  

Any kind of security device you set up and install in your home, you are obviously looking for the ones that are the most effective. This article will explore what kind of features you should expect in an ideal security camera.

HD Video Capture. Many advanced cameras include at least 720p resolution for good quality footage, and it is also possible to upgrade that to 1080p. With such an HD video capture, you can get a clear vision of what is going on through the camera’s field of view.

Two-Way Audio. You read that right. Alarm systems installation now comes equipped with a speaker and microphone on both ends for two-way audio. This feature allows you to communicate with the person on the other side of the door. 

Night Vision & Lowlight Recording. This feature of a security camera can record clear images in the dark, hence, making it much easier to protect your home or your business. There are some night vision cameras that use a feature for amplifying ambient light in the frame, which is called an image intensifier. Lowlight cameras might use infrared light for clear images in the dark. Having a security camera with night vision or low light capabilities could be pretty useful.

Cloud Storage. For storing videos, you can have a DVR but you will only be limited to storage space. Most security cameras are connected to the internet, so you can upload all footage to a cloud storage service. That will not only get you more storage space but also allow you to access your camera feeds from anywhere else, as long you have an internet connection. 

Motion Sensor. Although having a DVR or cloud storage is great for keeping records of all camera activity, you are still limited by its capabilities for storing videos. If you consider a camera with motion sensor features, you will be able to save storage space. Because such cameras only record activities as soon as motion is detected from the camera, otherwise they don’t record. 

Wireless Communication. The long and tangled wires running around your home for installing security cameras can be limited if you switch to security cameras that have wireless communication features. That also leaves you with more placement options meaning that you can set up the cameras at whatever location you prefer around the house, and you won’t be limited just because the wires aren’t long enough. Wireless communication of security cameras uses advanced encryption to keep the signal protected.

Remote Monitoring. You can monitor all your cameras from your smartphone device any time you want, and from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an internet connection. You need to download the security cameras app on your phone, tablet, or laptop to view the camera footage. Now you will experience increased peace of mind since you can monitor all activities through your mobile device. 

Triggered Activation. The best smart home alarm can include features like triggered activation which allows for activation of the camera as soon as the alarm sensors are triggered. For instance, when the alarm system detects someone opening the door, it can be programmed to record the whole event. 

Wide Dynamic Range. The ability of security cameras to record in darker or brighter conditions gives it a dynamic edge. There might be some areas around your home where part of the view is bright, and the other part is dark. With its dynamic range, the security cameras can balance the lights in such a way that the brighter field doesn’t get washed out and the darker parts aren’t too dark to view. 

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned features are the best ones that you could have in your home security cameras. Obviously, there are factors to consider such as your budget for managing such advanced security cameras. But in the end, your home will feel safer than ever with these features included in the security cameras in your home. 

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