Do You Need Solid Carbide Thread Mills?

There are a multitude of applications, especially in the machining industry, that require the manufacturing and use of threaded components. One basic example is bolting together two workpieces. Here, high-quality threads are necessary to ensure a tight and clean union.

Threads have been an important part of technology for centuries, allowing for the design and construction of complex tools and parts. So, efficiently ensuring polished high-quality threaded surfaces has always been an important part of most manufacturing processes.

In the last few decades, solid carbide thread mills have become a staple in the industry as they provide cleaner cuts, faster speeds, and increased durability.

What Is Thread Milling?
Thread milling is the process of creating threaded surfaces. However, instead of using your traditional tap and die techniques, you use a milling machine designed to provide higher speeds and enhanced accuracy with the use of fewer tools and processes. Here, solid carbide thread mills play a vital role as this ceramic material brings additional features that make it a favorite among machinists, especially when going through hardened materials and alloys.

Why Is Thread Milling Superior?
CNC milling machines are computer-controlled. This means that, if you can program an efficient toolpath, human error is reduced to a minimum, and the spindle will always hit the material right where you want it. However, you still have the chance of tool deflection, wear, and failure. Carbide has proven to be extremely rigid, making it less prone to wobbling especially while spun at high speeds. With a combination of tool hardness and superior spindle holders, you can reduce tool deflection to its lowest possible.

Is There Only One Type Of Solid Carbide Thread Mill?
Thread mills come in various shapes and sizes that allow machinists to create different thread pitches depending on the project requirements.

Single pitch carbide thread mills have a strong tip to perform thread cuts in concentric passes inside the hole. These are the weapons of choice for shops and projects that require the creation of several threaded holes with different pitches on a single part. This makes them extremely versatile, and also allows the machine to perform unusual cuts with ease too.

However, since it only has one cutting point, the tool needs to trace the whole length of your threaded surface, and the cutting forces concentrate on one small portion of the tool.

Full form carbide thread mills have a wider cutting surface with rows of tooth-like cutting edges. These tools allow you to create fully formed threads with a single 360-degree pass, speeding up the threading process. They evenly spread cutting forces, giving the tool added durability. However, their size determines the thread pitch, making them less versatile but ideal for projects that require continuous uniform threading.

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