Different Home Shelves To Recreate for Your Home Library

Technology has advanced to another supreme level and home renovations have gone smarter and modern than before. But there are still a few things that can never be replaced and cannot be eliminated. One such item is shelves. Shelves are a piece of vital equipment that helps to keep the space tidy and neat. Therefore, if you are looking for storage options to keep your books handy to be available at your fingertips, have a glimpse at some of the creative bookshelf designs for your home.

Stack them up straight:

Sometimes the best way to decorate your space and keep the books organized is to keep a simple book rack. The compartment-sized straight shelves or open bookshelves give an elegant appearance to the space. All you need is a flat surface for such a rack to be built. While the books are visible, they are handy for fingertips to enhance the feel of the room.

Floating shelves:

The people who love shelves would agree with the fact that the floating shelves are classy, stylish, and easy-to-handle shelves. While they are extraordinary to store books, you can even use them to showcase decorative pieces. They are available in different designs, shapes, and colors. Hence, you have enough variety to settle for the best one.

Built-in shelves:

Built-in shelves in a showcase, or closed bookshelves, are highly functional shelves that provide ample storage space for books and other items without giving a cluttered appearance. As the name says, these ‘built-in’ shelves are made in any space of the house. The best part about this shelf is it doesn’t appear like a typical bookshelf but it also helps in making it a showcase for the house.

Corner shelves:

Not many homeowners realize but the corner shelves are a smart way to capitalize on the storage space. These come in a variety of sizes and can be made in any corner with style and designs. Since these can be customized as per one’s preference, it is one of the most useful and cost-effective ways to decorate the price possession books. Try these shelves and you will realize how effortless you are using the corner space like never before.

Bed Décor shelves:

For the people who like to read books while curling up in the blanket, this is a perfect bookshelf design for you. Aside from having the advantage of reaching the bookshelf just by extending your hand, you also get to keep your bed uncluttered, beautiful, and handy. If you are looking for a designer’s look, you can take the help of the interior designer and obtain an unusual bookshelf design near the bed.

Steel and Metal shelves:

Steel and metal shelves are resilient units that are easier to clean and maintain as compared to glass shelves.  They are a modern-looking shelf as they are like a wall hanging unit where you can display books and little items like showpieces and plants too.

These are some of the appealing bookshelf designs that are going to be a game changer in your house interiors. So, choose the type of shelf that best suits your choice and enjoy your favorite space while you sip your favorite cup of tea or coffee while reading your best-loved book.

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