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Latte Inspiration From the City of Angeles

Latte art has been a popular trend in the coffee world. Many different types of coffee shops have mastered the craft and can create a latte that looks stunning. There are even places that put the faces of the customers on their drinks. Here are just a few of the most unique latte inspirations from around the city of Los Angeles.

Tierra Mia’s coffee bars reflect the city’s Latin flavors

Tierra Mia Coffee is a chain of coffee bars that reflect the city of angels’ Latin flavors. They provide an alternative to fast-food joints while offering a variety of fresh and baked goods. The chain is expanding in the Los Angeles area, opening its first drive-through coffee shop in Pico Rivera in August 2012.

Tierra Mia Coffee is owned by Ulysses Romero, who holds an MBA from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. His father was also involved in the tortilla and coffee industries, and he followed in his footsteps.

The coffee company, which opened its first location in March 2008 in South Gate, has since grown to seven locations throughout Southern California and two in Northern California. Its brand is now available in Huntington Park, La Puente, El Monte, Pomona, Downtown Los Angeles, and Anaheim.

The upscale coffee shop’s philosophy is that the best coffee comes from the land. As a result, it sources its beans from micro-lots in Latin America. Among its signature drinks are mochas with Mexican chocolate, coco loco lattes, and horchata latte. Besides its traditional coffee flavors, the chain offers ice-blended frappes, and a variety of baked goods.

Carrera Cafe puts patrons’ faces on drinks

One of the most interesting aspects of Carrera Cafe is the machine used to make the fine as hell lattes. It also has a posh and very modern looking outside seating area. The coffee is made from beans that are roasted on site, and the baristas are a nice bunch. In short, it’s a place you’d want to spend an afternoon or evening with a cocktail in your hand. Of course, there are a host of other reasons to check out Carrera. From the impressive and snazzy decor to the enticingly priced menu, the place is a must visit for any West Hollywood local. Whether you’re a latte lover or a java aficionado, it’s a coffeehouse you won’t find anywhere else. Fortunately, Carrera also has a sizable menu of breakfast items, and it even offers a number of gluten free options. If you’re in the mood for a little dessert, you can have a sweet treat in the form of one of the cafe’s famous chocolate chip cookies. On a cold day, this cafe is a welcome respite, but it’s a good idea to book a table in advance. Despite the fact that it’s on a busy street, it’s a very pleasant place to hang out.

Bloom & Plume

If you’re a coffee lover, you might want to consider trying a Bloom & Plume latte. This cafe, part of a flower studio owned by celebrity florist Maurice Harris, features beautiful decor, a wide variety of food and beverages, and a fun homage to a classic black business.

Aside from its beautiful decor and floral latte, Bloom and Plume has some other great offerings, including avocado toast and a killer almond butter banana toast. You can also order from an impressive coffee menu, which includes lattes, cappuccinos, and more. The drink that stands out is the lavender latte, which is served with a smattering of lavender syrup.

For the best floral latte in Los Angeles, you should probably try Bloom and Plume. Its drinks and food, along with its gorgeous decor, are a true testament to the visionary of this shop.

In addition to its flowers, Bloom and Plume serves coffee from Oakland-based Red Bay Coffee Roasters. Its coffee is brewed on Curtis batch brewers. There are also foam art aplenty at this quaint coffee bar and cafe.

Aside from the aforementioned coffee and latte, Bloom and Plume also serves a full assortment of savory and sweet baked goods. Located near Echo Park and Downtown, this cafe has a cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s perfect for a date or coffee date.

Mystyx Kafe

Mystyx Kafe is a new coffee pop up shop in East LA. It is run by Julian Filth, a former Starbucks barista who is known for his love of Black Metal, horror films, and goth subculture. The cafe is decorated with cobwebs, bats, and witches. It offers a variety of themed drinks like the Nocturnal Latte, White Magic, and Black Magic.

The decor of the cafe is inspired by Keith Haring, a Los Angeles-based artist who designed the interior of the cafe. The logo is a witch on a broomstick and the exterior is decked out with a wooden lemonade stand, which is also covered with hanging bats. Moreover, the cafe is open from 7 am to 12 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Located at 3833 E Caesar Chavez Ave, Mystyx Kafe is open Tuesday through Thursday from 7 am to 12 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. The store is decorated with a wooden cart, witches, bats, and cobwebs. All drinks are made by Julian “Filth,” who is also a metal musician at night.

According to Google, Mystyx Kafe has a 4.8 rating. You can expect to get good coffee and cheesecakes at this cafe.

Civil Coffee

If you’re in the market for a java fix, you’ll be happy to learn that the city of angeles is home to many latte hotspots. There are a number of large scale roasters located throughout the area, but only one, Civil Coffee, has carved out a niche for itself. The company has done a great job of making its mark with a number of notable innovations. From their signature avocado toast to the oh so tasty smoky bacon toast, there is a plethora of culinary delights to choose from. With a menu that spans a wide variety of food, drink and style options, the aptly named “Civic” might be just the place to refuel your caffeine fix. And for the diehard coffee connoisseur, you’ll be glad to know that the shop has both indoor and outdoor seating.


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you’re likely to have your caffeine fix at one of the numerous cafes and coffee shops on the south side of town. In fact, the city is home to two renowned coffee houses: La Marque and Cafe San Marco. The former is a coffee shop with a nifty twist on the standard drip-style coffee brewing method while the latter serves up a more traditional, drip-free experience. Both are worth a try. But, which caffeine-laden establishment will you go to?

While La Marque has a reputation for serving up a hefty brew, the aforementioned Cafe San Marco has some of the best coffee on the southside. And while the coffee might be a bit on the pricier side, the ambiance is worth it. Plus, the staff isn’t your average drab. They’ll happily spruce up your java-stained brow with a little spritz, or two.

Menotti’s latte art

Menotti’s Coffee Stop is a coffee and latte art destination near Los Angeles. The cafe is known for its great lattes, delicious pastries, and vintage vibe. Besides their excellent drinks, the restaurant also has a secret menu on the back of a picture of Cesar Menotti. They have a number of outlets, and you can also visit their coffee truck. You can get delicious food, coffee, and pastries here, and the interior is bright and spacious.

This Venice Beach coffee shop also has a nitro brew. If you don’t want to drink a cup of hot coffee, you can opt for one of their many iced drinks. There are a few to choose from, including Menotti’s Espresso & Tonic, which is a double shot of espresso blended with tonic water and orange peel. Another great choice is the Coconut Cacao Cold Brew.

Menotti’s also serves coffee with an interesting twist, such as the Cardamon Cinnamon Cappuccino. Other options include the Heavy Metal Jack-Jack, a cold brew with half and half, maple syrup, and activated charcoal. In addition to their amazing latte art, they have a few outlets, a high-wooden bar, and outdoor seating.


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