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Are you looking for cool apps to stream free live TV with your Android smartphone? This is why DigitBin has put together the top of the best streaming applications that are free to download for your Android devices. Many of these apps do not stream TV shows directly from their servers, but instead, search the web directories for TV channel streams on the internet. Here’s a listing of the best Android applications to stream live TV on your wireless or cellular network.


Many prefer watching the live broadcast on Android devices as they are able to keep up with their favorite shows regardless of being traveling. This is particularly the case for those who are a fan of international TV shows and need to be updated with the most recent news, sporting events, and a wide range of entertainment choices. In this case, for instance, users would rather use internet-based applications for their free time like that of NT TV APK to gain access to numerous channels, including popular games, shows, and trailers for movies, which is extremely beneficial when they are not working.

GHD Sports APK

Sure, distraction is a vital part of our daily lives. When we’re exhausted by our daily schedules everyone tries to loosen their body and mind. The application has divided all of its administrative functions into different groups to facilitate the convenience of customers. Therefore, find the required video content. Since there aren’t any charges for its use, millions of people are using it. Its current version includes a couple of positive changes to the basic menu. You can download and launch GHD Sports APK GHD Sports APK directly from this website free without cost.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV App is an all-purpose entertainment App that hosts 700+ live channels Movies VOD, TV Shows, Live Sports, and all popular programs from more than eight countries. It is completely free. It’s so easy to use that you’ll instantly be awed by it. The App provides channels from numerous countries, including the UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and numerous other countries.


If you are looking for live US content? OLA TV is the best option to stream live from TV stations in Canada and the US Canada on your phone. Additionally, you can access Television channels that originate from Spain, Germany, the USA, or Italy for instance. several countries, which provide a variety of subjects such as general, children’s movies, news, sports music, religion, and many more.


TVC lets you watch satellite and UK-based TV channels. TVC offers known as an Internet television service that allows you to watch free-to-air UK channels. It transcodes BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV among others. The service is based on ads that are pre-roll and is completely absolutely free. You can watch certain popular UK channels from your smartphone using the app.

TV Tap

TV Tap Live TV is also a popular application that streams live TV, movies, and other shows to Your Android device. It offers more than 900 channels in European Countries including the Indian Subcontinent, the US, and Canada. 


Kodi is not a live streaming app as such, but rather a media center in which you can integrate various file repositories and stream free movies, TV music, and programming. 

Plex Live TV

Like other games on the list below, this one may need to put in more effort to get it up and running however, the effort is worth the reward. With more than 80 streaming channels live, the capacity to record your favorite shows, as well as the Chromecast casting support are an experience for users. 


Hotstar is the leading content provider of both local as well as international programming in India. The app operates with a model of freemium which offers some free content, along with ads and premium content when you sign up for the purchase of a subscription. 


The Services of Hulu into Live TV began in the year 2017 prior to that, it was hosting a selection of TV shows, both new and old, films as well as other infotainment shows. The company now operates as a combination of Sling TV with Netflix providing both TV Shows and Live TV to its users.

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